A chef with a PhD - on a mission to unlock the secret science of flavour, fermentation and sustainability for everyone

Seen talking recently about microbes, food science and the future of food on places like the BBC, Radio 4, the FT, Bloomberg, CNN, WIRED and Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped,


A scientist who cooks

Having earned my PhD in Materials Science from the University of Oxford, I took a modest leap of faith by leaving academia to work in kitchens. It has taken me to Michelin-starred restaurants, farms, food labs and homes in every corner of the globe.

In 2022, my company WNWN Food Labs became the first in the world to bring cocoa-free chocolate to market What? Why? How? Read more via the link above.

A cook who uses science

My clients and collaborators have included the very best restaurants, bars and brands in the world, such as the Nordic Food Lab (the lab founded by Noma); Mirazur (3* Michelin, #1, 50 Best 2019), Dandelyan (#1, 50 Best Bars 2018), and Silo (world’s first zero-waste restaurant). Even Prada and the BBC!

I help them use science to understand flavour and unlock deliciousness. I also help people distill complex ideas into simple stories that everyone can understand.

A leading voice on the future of food

I became the go-to expert for many of the world’s Michelin-starred restaurants when they wanted to learn how to use fermentation to create and amplify sustainability through deliciousness.

Via my work with the food and design platform MOLD—I co-founded MOLD Magazine with MOLD boss LinYee Yuan—I became a trusted voice on how what we grow and eat can change the health of the planet

In pursuit of
deliciousness and stories

I guided conversations, thinking and action around how we’ll feed the world of the future in a more delicious, equitable and ecologically-friendly way.

My work focuses on food science, fermentation, sustainability and storytelling. But most importantly flavour!


I give talks and workshops for people like the V&A, UAL, M&S, Innocent and TechFest CPH.

I’ve been featured and interviewed on the BBC, the FT, Bloomberg, and CNN. Occasionally I appear on Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped.


I work with the best restaurants, bars, food companies and brands in the world to develop innovative, beautiful products and to find the best ways of talking to consumers about the science behind them.


I’ve pioneered research into turning waste into tasty things with Mr Lyan’s Cub Cave and Doug McMaster’s Silo (the world’s first zero-waste restaurant).

In 2021, I co-founded WNWN Food Labs with Ahrum Pak to use fermentation to find alternatives to unsustainable, unethical ingredients. We started with chocolate.


If you want my brain or face—or both—involved in something you’re working on, then get in touch via email or Instagram.

Where in the world am I? (And what am I doing there?)

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